Being on a modified Fodmap diet, there is a lot of fruit that is left off the list of items that will not bother your digestive system. This includes all stone fruit, watermelon, apples, pears, and coconut is only okay in moderation ( this includes coconut water). All of the citrus fruits are good for you, ( see our ode to lemons under the lemon section of Raid Our Kitchen), but be carefully with grapefruit if your on statins or due to the fiber content it can bother you. Banana’s are also ok, but since I am not a fan and unless it manages to sneak in- its kind of hard not to notice that strong flavor- they just don’t make it into my basket.

Organic Tomato: After a long hiatus partnered with a transition to Fodmap, this has become a strong contender to my love of lemons. Tomatoes are so versatile with a sweet flavor absorbing profile, theres so much that it can accomplish in its little life. Yellow, Orange, Green, Red, Grape, Heirloom, and still on the vine, don’t discriminate, go for it all. Make sure your always going for organic since most of us eat the skin. You can easily peel them if you like for cooking by scarring an “X” on the bottom and flash boiling them, after cooling, they will peel like you might after a vacation in Mexico with no sunscreen…tsk tsk.

Organic Berries (no blackberries): A helpful hint, if you have never see them growing in JUMBO size on a tree, do not purchase them, if you have, please let me know where this amazing bush is located so I can come and raid it! Blueberries, Strawberries, and Raspberries are all great to make jams, jellies, or as a side to start your day. They’re easy to carry round in a container and blend beautifully with other antioxidant powerhouses such as cinnamon, not to mention they all have fiber which keep you feeling satiated.

Kiwi: If your the type that thinks leafy greens resemble the plague, then kiwi is a good way for you get introduced to a love of all things green. When ripe it is sweet ( though I am preferable to the hard sour ones). They have twice the amount of Vitamin C per gram than lemons or oranges, and have a ton of Vitamin E for beautiful healthy skin. They also contain a good amount of fiber to help you digest and feel full and a great source of potassium, since you know where not that keen on bananas.

Papaya: Containing a powerful digestive enzyme called papain, it helps to breakdown proteins easier and has anti-inflammatory properties. Some may find it a bit heavy on their tummy, so start out easy. The perfect accompaniments are a dash of cayenne, salt and lots of lime juice.

Passionfruit: A favorite! They are a bit difficult, not to mention expensive, to buy whole unless you live somewhere tropical in South America like Brazil. A good alternative for a sauce or to blend into a warm lemon ginger tea is the frozen pulp. If your blessed enough to have the bank account and luck to buy them whole and fresh, just slice and spoon it out. As a word of caution to our eaters, they can be a bit sour depending on the color of the skin (purple is sour, yellow more sweet). The raw for is also delicious in a ceviche!

Pineapple: Either raw or paired with jalapeƱo and tequila in a margarita, need I say more?