Ahh…Grains & Flours. Your like a little sponge that soaks up both wanted and mistaken flavors- we’ve all been there when a dash of salt accidentally turns into the Mediterranean Sea. Your also quite enjoyable just as you are, but always searching for your perfect soul mate whether its protein like an egg or fish or a sautéed, maybe steamed veggie, you never fail to amaze in your versatility. You can be fried, topped with the the entire farmers market- and then some, baked, broiled, and souffléd. Heres the list for the ultimate and true kitchen chameleon.

Sprouted Brown Rice: Full of fiber that keeps you going for hours, brown rice can be found whole or as a flour for those of your with gluten sensitivities. A favorite and easy thing I like to use it for is Congee. Mix 1 part rice with 8 parts water and you have your base which stays for about a week in the fridge covered. Warm it up and add any spices or toppings you like. Like grains, Congee can be sweet or salty.

Sprouted Quinoa: Protein. Be careful on your portion sizes with Quinoa as its quite filling and if you like to eat, you wont be able to fit much in your stomach. Besides acting as a great grain base, it can also be used as a morning porridge, in burgers, or ground up in a high powered expensive blender to become a flour.

Organic Kamut: Like our two former grains, Kamut is both high in protein and fiber, but wait there’s more! Kamut has a ton of vitamins like B2, B6, zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, niacin, and phosphorus. With its crunchy and buttery texture, its a stand out for any dish. As if thats not enough for you to buy it, though its a wheat product, for those of you with sensitive tummies, studies show that can be tolerated in small amounts as its also easy to digest.

Organic Oats ( Steel Cut or Rolled): If you don’t know what Oats are and how beneficial they are to your health, this is your wake up call that your living under a rock. Great in baked good, both Steel cut and rolled can be used in homemade granolas. For those of you on a FODMAP lifestyle, limit to 1/4 cup serving.

Polenta: Essentially this is cornmeal, but since its origin is in Italy it’s called Polenta, which makes it sounds sexier too. It can be purchased in the ground form for softer or sweet preparations or precooked in a log form for that lazy day you want to quickly bake or fry it.

Spelt Flour: Higher in protein and a bit lower in calories than whole wheat flour, its easy to substitute as a 1:1 ratio in your baking or pasta. Be careful not to over-knead Spelt as the grains break down much quicker than whole wheat, which also makes it easier to digest.

Organic Almond Flour: You can but this pre-made at most places but its cheaper, easier, and tastier to use the left over ground almonds from your homemade almond milk. Just dehydrate them until dry in the oven at around 185 F and freeze ( or if your like me, bake it into mini cakes right away).

Gluten-Free Flours: Be careful to read the ingredient list if its a baking mixture to make sure you can have all the flours that manufactures slip into these things. If you have IBS, avoid Cassava, Chickpea, and Coconut flours and lean towards the Teff, Brown Rice, Corn, Millet, and Quinoa.