Full of protein and healthy fats, nuts are such a kitchen and nutrient superstar. They are great to top anything from veggies to breakfast, they can mix into leafy green salads or fruit, and they even bake up nicely. Nuts have an amazing ability that when they are soaked in a bit of warm water and blended, they become a thick delicious milk, a great alternative to cow’s milk if your cutting down on dairy. They hold their own in raw vegan puddings, and can even self transform into a thick creamy butter with the assistance of a food processor. You can also take it a step further and caramelize them, with additions of sweet or salty spices they completely transform to another being. I almost forgot that they are amazing on their own as well!


Sprouted Pepitas: A go to for granola for me.

Walnuts: Full of Omega 3 and 6’s these have a good amount of power behind them. If your having trouble sleeping, snacking on a few could even help you snooze better due to their tryptophan content.

Almonds: My favorite to turn into a milk and butter. I also love to carry these around if I am traveling to snack on.

Pecans: I like these only in bits, take your aggression out with a rolling pin between two sheets of parchment to break them down. Just don’t go to nuts, your not making a butter!

Sunflower Seeds: A great way to top your salads, add to breakfast, and so much fun if you buy them in their kernels and eat them on the beach.

Chia Seeds: Like walnuts, these guys hold Omega 3 and 6’s close to their hearts. They also have the ability to carry their weight times 3 in water making them great for puddings or thickening up sauces if you go the natural route.

Hemp Seeds: Full of fiber, hemp seeds help you digest and keeps you fuller longer. It also happens to have the 20 essential amino acids including 9 that human bodies are unable to produce on their own.

Ground and Whole Flaxseeds: Aside from being the perfect topping to bread, flaxseeds have Omega 3s, Potassium, Vitamin B-1 and Magnesium amongst other things. They carry a bit more fiber than hemp seeds and can lower your cholesterol.