My love for lemons is so vast that I decided it needed an entire page all to itself. I squeeze, slice, shred, zest, and peel them.

There are so many ways to use this amazing fruit that is also a massive source for your daily Vitamin C , with one medium lemon clocking in at  50%. It boots your immunity, helps with indigestion, keeps your skin looking fresh, and can soothe your throat when your feeling like winter is attacking you- from all sides. Add it to some warm water with fresh organic ginger slices, and a spoon of real honey are your good to go. You can also slice them up with strawberries and mint into your water bottle and take it on the go. Lemons are also great to use around the house for cleaning. They can be used to scrub down your sink as they disinfect, you can add 1/2 cup of the juice to your white laundry and it will brighten it up, and they help in preserving foods such as avocado and apples from turning an unappetizing brownish hue.

Always leave them outside of the fridge, citrus is best kept on your counter, and you’ll receive a free natural deodorizer for all those times your cooking up fish. Mentioning fish, I love squeezing a ton of juice straight onto any fish I make, as well as any grilled or stewed meats. The lazy man’s way is to hold half a lemon upright and squeeze so the pits don’t fall in, if they do, thats why you have spoons so get to fishing for them! ¬†They blend beautifully into all sorts of sauces and can easily transform into your desserts. My favorite way to use lemons has to be to zest them. I use the zest in morning yogurts, topped onto salmon, baked into cookies, dancing with my granola, and even into salad. Long live the lemon!