Thats right. Here is a food blogger telling you that you really should not follow recipes. What in the….. its crazy right? I meticulously measure and weigh ingredients (while dancing by myself to my latest Spotify mix of course) and write everything down on mutli-colored post it notes that have legit invaded my kitchen like a pest that needs to be put in its place. And then, they slowly creep over to the other room and make their move over to my iMac sticking to VIP documents ( as in for my job) that command my attention until I eventually give in and address the post it overgrowth and put it in a nice little digital package. I enjoy the process thats why I do it, even if sometimes I forget to measure for you. Luckily I have cooked enough times in my life that I am seriously talented at guesstimating the amounts. Like vegetables, recipes can be temperamental and unpredictable. A certain amount called, lets say 100 g of zucchini, might yield a completely different plate on your end than the photo depending on the water content of the vegetable and the cooking time.

Food is all about enjoying it, the flavors, company and being mindful about taking time to nourish yourself. Cooking, is about making food that you enjoy, things that you can eat and like to play with, it shouldn’t be a tedious math equation but like math there are exceptions to the rule, thank you bakers. I hope you use these recipes more of an inspiration for meal ideas, take them and turn them into your own, if you get stumped or feel overwhelmed they’re there to catch you. Now you can go be your badass self and rock out to your kind of music. If your kitchen ends up looking like a tractor trailer blew through it, broken eggs on the floor, spilled Maldon salt, your hair is now all white from the flour, and you’ve gone through 2 bottles of that Barolo you were saving, all in the name of trying to master homemade pasta, congratulations your doing everything right. Yes, even if you end up calling that hip Vietnamese spot to order take out, thats called perfect.