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The Philosophy of Eating and Why You Need Fries

My food lifestyle and theory is pretty much centered around eating whole fresh foods that are minimally processed because that is what makes my body feel good and energized as well as lots of vegetables because I just love them. I don’t believe in low carb, no sweets, no alcohol, or restrictions outside of avoiding the foods that cause IBS for my personal digestive health. When I go out to eat I am never following the low fodmap as its almost impossible to get everything without garlic, onion, or refrain from that beautiful bread basket. On a recent trip to Vienna with my mom, she ordered this beautiful crispy skin duck that was served along side one of my favorite items, whole roasted garlic. I assisted her with squeezing the garlic cloves out, which resembled glistening pearls that came out their shell and that was it for me, the other bunched cloves was mine. Lets fast forward a day and I was in so much pain in my abdominal area that I thought I would go to the hospital, coupled with hours on the plane and dehydration, the situation was real.

Turns out, as soon as I was back in Athens, I did end up in the hospital for an appointment with the gastroenterologist there. Surprise, diagnosis was IBS and I had had a flare up. The advice I was given is to drink some orange juice, dont worry so much, and have some french fries. Yup thats right, french fries. Funny that a guy with a medical degree would give me that advice. Since I am super in tune with my body, I do notice that every time I do eat fries it does help digest a bit faster but I just assumed it was some sort of placebo effect assisted with a high fat content that lined my intestines. I ended up having a huge plate of fries right after my appointment, and all pain did subsided after the fries worked their magic. While a food lifestyle based on whole foods cooked in olive oil, ghee, coconut oil, or butter is awesome sometimes you just need those fries to be added in to balance everything out. This being said, they were cut from fresh organic potatoes and fried up in olive oil and served with sea salt.

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